Toothpaste…$20 a tube? I’d rather spend it on candy!

There have been recent claims that a certain toothpaste costing $20 a tube is better at controlling plaque than the pastes that we regularly see on the shelves at our local pharmacies. It’s high price tag make people wonder if spending the money is worth it. I have seen on social media people questioning why […]

Average Hygienist?

I have always thought of myself as an average dental hygienist. I come to work and provide patients with care every hour of every day. I begin by taking a blood pressure and a periodontal exam. The exam includes probe depth readings, measurement of recession, evaluation of furcation involvement and mobility. I look for signs […]

Preventive Dentistry

Imagine going to the dental office and never hearing the whirling of a drill or never having to feel the sting of the anesthetic needle again. Imagine leaving the dental office without feeling numb and being able to go right back to work. It is possible. The dental world is evolving faster than many providers […]

A Message to my Fellow Hygienists about my Experience with ADHA

I am not a public speaker. I am just like you. After attending my first ADHA Annual session meeting in Boston I wrote something that I would like to share with you. Since becoming a hygienist 19 years ago. I was a member of the American Dental hygienists Association for almost 16 years….. and then […]

When is a “Cleaning” not a “Cleaning”?

“I have always had bleeding and am being told today that I have gum disease. Why all of a sudden am I being told this?” Question: Have your gums bled during a regular “cleaning”? If the answer is “Yes” then you may have been inadequately treated for a disease you were not told you have. […]