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DDD and the RDH What is Degenerative Disc Disease? Degenerative disc disease is not a disease per se. It is a condition to describe chronic pain caused by a disc in the spine or neck. Typical person with DDD is a healthy active person in his/her 30’s or 40’s. What Do Discs Do? The discs […]

National Dental Hygiene Month – A Promise to my Patients

    October is the month in which the dental hygienists are celebrated for their nagging efforts to make their patients healthier. After almost 2 decades in dentistry I’ve learned that my patients don’t care about cavities or whether or not they have gum disease. I’ve talked and, yes, actually nagged my patients for years […]

Would you pay a fee to cut your cavity risk?

  What if, during a dental checkup, a dentist or hygienist could predict whether or not you have a chance of getting a cavity. Would you be interested in finding out what your future may hold? Would you like to have an idea of what costs and time lay ahead for you if you continue down the […]

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