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Staff Retention Tips


Retaining loyal hardworking staff that have been employed with you for years should be a priority, especially if they have seen you through both the good times and bad. Being a dentist and balancing the art of dentistry and the business of dentistry is a tough act. Here are a few tips to help you keep valuable employees.


Always be approachable.  In some cases you are your office’s Human Resource department.  Your staff should be comfortable enough to come to you with an issue, whether it be a problem with working conditions, office systems, scheduling, staff issues or even issues with you. Be willing to listen, really listen, and react in a professional manner.  Remember, anything your staff tells you should be held in confidence and handled in such a way as to not create a less than favorable work environment.

Do not micromanage your employees.  You hired your staff based on their qualifications.  Trust that your decision to hire them was a good one. Most are professional licensed individuals who are educated to make decisions and suggestions that can help your business. Your staff wants you to succeed!

Equality amongst staff members should also be a priority. Allowing one member of your team to slack off on duties makes those who go above and beyond resentful. Ask all members, including yourself, to lend a hand when needed.

When providing benefits such as vacation time remember that your employee may need to coordinate the time away from the office with others in their household. Allow them the opportunity to use the much needed time without making your employee feel guilty for taking advantage of the benefit you provided to them.

Compensation. Employees work for a reason. They expect to advance in their careers while at your practice. Yearly reviews with pay increases are anticipated. If your employee is not working up to your expectations then talk about it. Tell them what they can do to get the raise they want. When they achieve it give it to them. Make goals realistic based on your practice numbers.

Work should be fun. Strive to create a happy work environment every day. Leave your problems at home outside your office and your staff will do the same.  Always remember that when you are given the choice always choose happiness.


These tips can be summed up with one word…RESPECT!

Give it and you will receive it for years to come.


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