Reinventing Your Career in Dentistry

If we are lucky, as children, we plan out our lives based on our dreams and spend everyday aspiring to reach them. That’s what I did. I planned my life and began to reach my goals in adulthood until life threw me a curve ball that hit and shattered the glass into millions of splintering pieces.

While this road block could’ve been just that I decided to make it a bump in the road. One that would put me on a new journey to reach goals I never thought I would have.

This past year I have worked as an account representative, trainer, blogger and, now, an instructor and author. I’ve reinvented myself from a clinician to an educator, hopefully, inspiring those around me to reach outside the box and think about trying something new whether it be in the operatory or somewhere else.

When I took on the instructor position public speaking was not my bag. I struggle with creating a story around a topic to keep it engaging – but every week I try to get 1% better. That’s my new goal. Slow but steady improvement. It’s not easy but forcing myself to be 100% perfect on day one ‘ain’t gonna happen….and it’s ok!

I’ve learned that reinvention takes time. I’ve become that person who doesn’t expect perfection at the get-go and have surrounded myself with people who are okay with that. Being able to make mistakes and learn from is a refreshing concept – one I hope becomes a way of life for all of us.

We don’t have to settle for mediocracy. We don’t have to be what others presume we are. An event that could hold us back doesn’t need to. We have the ability to change ourselves and be who we want when we want to be. We don’t need to be forced into growing only after a life changing event.

Start that change NOW. Be happy, everyone!

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