Advocate for yourself, do everything in your power to prevent cumulative trauma to your body, and always be prepared for situations over which you have no control. You have the ability to help shape your future.

A Dental Hygienist Loses the Use of an Eye, But Finds Her Purpose

Lifelong learning through a hygienist’s eyes. That was the title of the first article I wrote for RDH in 2013. I wanted to use my oral health-care experience to educate colleagues and give them permission to challenge what they learned in a classroom so that they could contribute to a new era of prevention.

Dental Showmanship: Explain the Magic Trick of a Hygiene Appointment

Efficiency is a priority in any dental practice. Dental hygienists are a huge part of that efficiency, but this has led many patients to believe that what hygienists do is "easy." What "magic" is involved in making those hygiene appointments go well and look easy? Christa Crilley McConaghy, RDH, explains...

Finding Lost Profitability in Dental Hygiene Departments

Many years ago, I was interviewing for a new dental hygiene position. The interviewing dentist explained to me that he did not diagnose anyone with periodontal disease or retreat any teeth that he had worked on before. Patients with periodontal pockets were to have the areas debrided and be charged a prophy fee. If a restoration was failing patients were not to be told...

Can a Patient’s Perception of the Dental Hygienist’s Role Influence Oral Healthcare?

Do patients have a clear image of who I am and what role I play in healthcare?...

Why is My Body Turning Against Me?

This course is a review of common autoimmune diseases, their etiology, clinical signs, effect on oral health and palliative treatment available in the dental setting.